Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pink BoomBox Calandar!

Pink BoomBox is proud to present: The Villian's Ball!

Pink BoomBox is at it again bring you some of the best burlesque and circus that San Diego has seen with our new and thrilling show, the Villain’s Ball! Featuring all you favorite Villains breaking it down and stripping it off!
Burlesque, circus, hoop and some of the baddest bitches to ever hit this town!
Hosted by our awesome Vampiric hostess with the mostest! MK Lewis
Performances By
Lilly Holiday
Anna Yanunkevish
Avarra LaRoux
Coco L’amoure
Stone L’amoure
Remele Sparks
Nina Bel Vande
Karmel Couquette
And the awesome Cassettes!
Lulu Loba
Trish The Dish
Connie Chameleon
Keena ButtaH
Diamond Sinsation
And making everything Go! We have our fab house DJ Josh the Bear!
Doors Open at 6pm
Show starts at 8pm
Cover 5$
5$ Jack drinks
At the fabulous Brass Rail
3796 5th ave

Friday, January 3, 2014

Pink BoomBox Auditions

Auditions for dancers and performing artists.

The House of Pink BoomBox is auditioning for placement in upcoming shows
Who are we? Pink BoomBox is San Diego’s only underground Burlesque styled performing arts collective. We have a unique blend of old glamour and new cutting edge style, a style that we bring to all of our events.
What are we looking for? People that are passionate about preforming and being a part of a performance collective that holds amazing unique events.  We are not looking for a body type, or style of dance. We are not just looking for women. Everyone gets a chance and it’s not about looks it’s about nerve and you’re ability to bring something fun and unique to the stage.
What do you need to audition,
A routine of some kind.
A song on IPod or Phone, cd or flash drive.
A positive attitude  
If you have a costume then I would like to see it. There is a place to change.
Where: The Brass Rail 3796 5th ave
When: Saturday Jan, 18th 2:00- 5:00pm

Friday, September 27, 2013

Death Becomes Her

A night of evil creepy burlesque because Halloween isn't enough to get out all of our creepiness.
Burlesque dancing, Electro swings, Fire acts! feats of daring! Brought to you by the lovely ladies of the House of Pink BoomBox!

Nov. 8 2013
At the Merrow 1271 University Ave
Doors open at 9pm, Show time 10pm

Monday, August 19, 2013

Boom! Friday 23rd!

Pink BoomBox Burlesk Presents:
A night of in your face burlesk, escape art, fire acts and thrilling circus performances!  With Special musical guest Miss Tori Rose with A hot mess.
Come see thrilling performances by
Nancy DrewBlood (Anna Y.)
Lilly Holiday
San Ann Von Zombie
Avarra LaRoux
Elena FireSwan
The hostess and mistress of ceremonies will be the lovely Xandu Rocketship!
Pink BoomBox is San Diego’s only monthly burlesque production, as well as San Diego’s only Neo-Burlesque troop! Come see what the fuss is about this Friday, the 23rd!
Doors open at 9pm Show starts at 10pm, Come of the cocktail hour meet and greet hosted by the Pink BoomBox girls.
This show is located at the fabulous Merrow, 1271 University Ave.
Cover is only $7!
See ya there!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

RIP Dixie Evans

So Dixie Evans passed today....

I knew she was having medical problems that people in the burlesque community were raising money to help with medical expenses....side eying our health care system, way to go America!
Anywho Dixie Evans was more than just an old burlesque stripper, everyone called this woman the Fairy Godmother of burlesque. So to put this in to prospective it's like if the gays where to loose Cher or Ru Paul. She is an icon, she kept burlesque alive, she recorded and collected old costumes and pictures so her peers would never be forgotten and made the Burlesque Hall of Fame with her buddy Jennie Lee. That history would be lost with out that. With out an old goat farm in the middle of the cali desert with a sign that said honk if you want a tour and Dixie Evans herself would come out regardless of time of day or not in a pink robe as the story goes and give you a tour of the Exotic World now known as the Burlesque Hall of Fame now in down town Las Vegas.

Could you image how god damn magical that must have been? Driving up to a goat farm honking your horn and out comes this old beautiful show girl to show you all of her treasures and share all her stories... WHAT? People got to do that! Then she started the Miss Exotic World pageant and I don't know helped revive burlesque as an art form bringing it to the third wave body positive feminists that have turned it in to a powerful art underground art form that changed mine and thousands of others lives.

Their are just as many ideas as to what burlesque means, as their are people doing it and watching but for me it's powerful, it's sexual, it gives women a safe place to be shocker women. Burlesque dancers aren't objectified, and really they never have been, to be objectified you could be an interchangeable with something else. Burlesque artist are the opposite of that, they became great by being larger than life personalities and standing out. When the whole world was saying you don't fit in you don't look like what is beautiful, burlesque is like "Fuck it, you're on in 5."

Dixie Evans is all that. Just irreplaceable, Fairy Godmother of burlesque that I was too nerves to go up and say hello to as she was swarm with all of these other ladies that I would also like to be when I one day grow up. Hi if your wondering how my BOHF weekend went it was something like me seeing someone, "Oh my god it's (literally fill in the blank with anyone in burlesque)" Then I would scream internally and head to the bar and want to cry. Being a fan girl is rough, man.
 If you don't think this women was awesome I dare you too look at this image and just see how please World Famous Bob is to just be standing next to this god damn majestic human! It's wonderful she was wonderful.
Anyways I just have all the feeling about this and need to rant apparently. I'm going to go cry now.
RIP Dixie Evans

Love and Excelsior
Lilly Holiday